Zoe Guisson

Zoë Guisson is a Flemish dancer and musical actress. She moved to Amsterdam at the age of 18 and graduated from the Lucia Marthas Institute for Performing Arts in July 2019 with a Bachelor of Dance in Dance and a Bachelor of Dance in Education. From February 2020 Zoë plays as an ensemble in the musical Snow White of Deep Bridge and from December 2020 as Understudy Liesl and ensemble member in The Sound Of Music by Deep Bridge. Furthermore, Zoë is a permanent dance teacher at the Provinciale Kunsthumaniora in Hasselt. She teaches Classical Ballet and Hiphop at Dansstudio Ijvi Hagelstein, (Studio100) and also does freelance work as a dancer for, among others, Tomorrowland, Showcase Entertainment by Tommy Gryson, TheCast, ....


Dancer Showballet. (2019-2020)
Showcase Entertainment by Tommy Gryson

Tomorrowland (2019)
Field act: Zangeres/Actrice
Global Journey: Danseres
Soul15 Costumes and Concepts

Dancer NIKE Belgium (2019)
Showcase Entertainment by Tommy Gryson

Masterclass Natalie Weiss (2019)
Ripley-Grier Studios, New York

The Christmas Show, Ziggodome (2017)
RTL Entertainment

K3 Dansstudio (2016)
KETNET, Studio 100

Negenpleinenfestijn Zomer Efteling (2016)

TV serie Ghost Rockers (2015)

Samenwerking met Lloyd Culbreath (Fosse) (2019)
& Ricky Tripp (Hamilton)
Pearl Studios, New York

Samenwerking met Anthony Burrell, Laurent Flament, Pim Veulings, Vincent Vianen, Eline Vroon
Eindpresentatie Lucia Marthas Institute For Performing Arts

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