Marco’s artistic name is Obelixx. He’s known and respected as a leader in the dance community in Belgium, Portugal, Norway ,Finland ,India. Marco is the philanthropist of O.P.F, Obelixx Popping Factory. It’s a non-profit organization, founded in 2010. O.P.F is well known worldwide in the dance scene due to the variety of nationalities represented with crew members in all the countries mentioned above and also in Tokyo NYC. Marco has been practicing and sharing multiple styles across the EU for close to 25 years His art range from African rooted partner dancing to various “street” styles such as Hip Hop ,House, Popping. His name is also known and respected in the Belly dance Community, where he has been a upcoming face in multiple events. Mentor and coach of Obellycious Portugal and Belgium. He strives for a bridge between the Urban and Oriental world and Theater world. Director of 2 theater shows and Co choreographer on other pieces, amongst several other achievements.

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