Mamadou Tandia

Mamadou developed his skills in hip hop, housedance, old school, locking and popping between 2004 and 2009 at various schools and workshops.

In 2010 he did an internship at the famous Debbie Reynolds school in LA. He focused on, among other things, high level workshops in popping, break and freestyle classes.

Since 2008, Mamadou has worked as a dancer for several television programs such as SYTYCD, The Voice Van Vlaanderen and well-known artists such as Nathalia and Regi. As a choreographer, he collaborated with artists such as Stromae, Lady Linn and Brahim. He founded the organization Connect Your Art in 2014. They organize workshops and events where the connection of art (dance) is central.

Mamadou Tandia is an excellent hip hop and freestyle teacher. In 2016 he participated with the group Boss Dance Complex in Belgium's Got Talent and achieved a final place.


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