Junes Lazaar

Junes lazaar, a dancer who has dedicated his life to expanding his horizon every single day. He started as a B-boy but soon got inspired by different styles. He made hip-hop and Tap as his main styles. He has been dancing since 2005 at an age of 17." You're a student for life cause you can never stop learning ".

His participation in Sytycd got him through to the liveshows. He also participated in Belgium's got talent with 8 other known dancers and choreographers. They managed to get as far as the finals. Presented as Co.lab.

Working in and out of the country, he had the opportunity of dancing with Belgian and Dutch artists such as Sandrine, Stromae, the Opposites, lady Lynn and many more.He was also able to work on musical productions as a professional dancer and choreographer in Morocco, Egypt, Israel, Los Angeles, switzerland, Ireland and Germany.

Nowadays, Junes has also found a way of spending his time on acting. He will be one of the main actors in the new movie Patser that is coming out on the 24th of January 2018!

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