Noortje Grauls

Noortje had been doing ballet for 10 years before she discovered her love for hip hop. Since she was 15 years old, she specialized in Urban dance styles and is especially known for her former dance group Most Wanted. She was the youngest (female) coach with teams who always ended up in the top 3.

Another 13 years later, after having 2 kids, she has put her dance career in the background next to her other job, teacher film in art education.
With her dance group Most Wanted (2002-2012) she won many titles: - 4x ambassador Urban Dance at Danspunt - Multiple Belgian Champion FISAF (seniors) - Multiple Belgian Champion and World Champion FISHEC (Youth and Seniors) - Belgian champion ESDU (youth and seniors) - 3x 1st Place Open Jazz Modern Dance Tour Leopoldsburg - Best Choreography Award at Dirty Ballet (Edition: Madonna)
In addition to Most Wanted, she was very active as a dance teacher in various dance schools in Belgium and she was a Nike instructor for 2 years. She was also a dancer and choreographer for television, including Katerine (TMF awards, Provincieshow on één and Hit the road on vtm), at Tabitha Cycon during Eurosong final on één and she was a choreographer and dancer for video clips from Monza and Buscemi.
Her most recent work, pure as relaxation, with the group 'PLAY' (because completely quitting dancing is too difficult)

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