Adil Elhammouti is a professional dancer who studied at the Albeda Dance College in Rotterdam.

Adil is active as a dancer and choreographer full time. He currently works for the biggest brands such as Gucci, Nike, Asics, Converse and travels all over the world. Adil also choreographed the World Cup of PUBG in Saudi Arabia.

Adil has also appeared as a background dancer for various TV programs, TVOH, Idols, Holland's Got Talent. In 2015, Adil performed in the live shows of the well-known dance program SYTYCD. Currently he participates as a candidate in the brand new dance/singing program Avastars.

As a teacher, Adil is mainly active in the styles Contemporary & Hip Hop. He wants to inspire the students in his lessons. Adil stands for development and wants to get the best out of all his dancers.


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